We want to be transparent about our pricing

Applying to join & meeting potential peer coaches is free

Applying to join is free of charge. We then carefully screen participants for commitment, responsiveness, alignment on expectations and fit with the cohorts we're recruiting for.

Once your profile is ready to go, we'll start sending you potentially suitable peer coaches and you'll have 2-3 discovery calls with those you like – all still free of charge.

We won't charge you until you've had a successful peer match. Once successfully matched, we'll ask you to make a 12-month commitment in order to attain the full benefits of RunYourself and to ensure a good experience for your partner too – we don't want to waste anyone's time.

Once you've found your peer coach, we'll ask you to make a 12-month commitment

£1,000 + VAT for 12 months, paid upfront post successful matching:

  • Setup Fee – £450 +VAT

    – Peer matching with a like-minded, inspiring peer

    – A 3-hr practice-focused training & onboarding workshop, during which you'll learn the key coaching principles & techniques, observe an experienced coach coaching live, practise coaching with your peer and get feedback, learn how to run your peer coaching sessions, sign your Peer Coaching Agreement, get onboarded onto the RunYourself web app and book your peer coaching sessions
  • Platform Fee – £350 + VAT (£29 +VAT x 12 months)

    – Our peer coaching web app acts as a ‘scaffolding’, helping the two peer coaches - continue their learning journey with bite-size lessons and quizzes; coach effectively using contextualised coaching prompts and best practice reminders; use their time as efficiently as possible; and create self-accountability through tracking their progress on their commitments
  • Ongoing Support Fee – £200 +VAT

    – Ongoing email support from an experienced coach assigned as your 'pair facilitator'

    – Two session recordings analysed by an experienced coach who will provide you with detailed feedback on how to increase the ROI on your sessions and to sharpen your coaching skills, so you and your peer coach prevent stagnation and leap forward!

    – Re-pairing you with another peer coach if your paths diverge or your peer is unable to continue

* VAT only applies to customers based in the UK

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Curious but haven't made up your mind?

Drop us a line at hello@runyourself.co and we'll help you assess if it's worth making peer coaching a priority in your life right now.