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Employees who have a coaching manager are eight times more likely to be highly engaged compared to their peers with managers who don’t take a coaching approach.

Source: Forrester
If leaders were to prioritise one action, Gallup recommends that they start equipping their managers to become coaches.
‘It’s The Manager: From Boss To Coach’,
the book from Gallup based on their largest global study of the future of work

Our pioneering platform enables effective peer coaching and team coaching conversations.

  • Participants develop coaching skills through experiential learning, enabling them to build, lead and retain high-performing teams
  • Participants get access to coaching through a peer coaching model, supporting them in their own transitions and development goals
  • Participants are connected with peers within the company, which increases collaboration, inclusivity and talent mobility
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Do any of the following resonate?
  • Your managers are not equipped to have feedback, performance coaching or career coaching conversations, which is impacting performance and retention.
  • You're investing a lot in one-off manager training and leadership development programmes, but the lack of ongoing practice leads to limited behaviour change.
  • Your company removed a layer of management and the remaining managers are under a huge amount of pressure to step up to the plate with limited support.
  • Your company's performance management system does not achieve continuous development with goals being set at the strat of the year and evaluated at the end.
  • The intergenerational issues in your company are palpable, with younger millennials and gen-Z not accepting the 'old school' style of management.
  • Your company is going through an M&A integration, which has led to an 'us' versus 'them' thinking and a lot of uncertainty - impacting performance and retention.
  • Your company is going through a significant amount of change, leading to ambiguity and uncertainty which is impacting performance and retention.
  • Your company has a fully-remote or hybrid working policy, which has led to more transactional interactions and a reduced sense of meaningful connections.
  • Bringing new joiners to full productivity is costly and your company is looking to reduce costs through leveraging internal knowledge in a scalable way.  
  • Your company is part of an industry where retaining female and other under-represented talent is a structural challenge, but also a competitive advantage.
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