Imagine if all your managers were more coach-like.

How would it impact your employees’ engagement, productivity and retention?
If leaders were to prioritise one action, Gallup recommends that they start equipping their managers to become coaches.
‘It’s The Manager: From Boss To Coach’,
the book from Gallup based on their largest global study of the future of work
Offering external coaching to everyone in an organisation is commercially unviable, especially in an environment when companies need to minimise costs and maximise ROI.

Coaching is also an essential yet under-experienced and
under-developed skill in managers that can unlock potential and maximise performance.

We're helping organisations scale coaching through upskilling and leveraging their own managers.

  • Managers develop coaching skills through experiential learning, enabling them to build, lead and retain high-performing teams
  • Managers get access to coaching through a peer coaching model, supporting them in their own transitions and development goals
  • Managers are connected with other managers, which increases collaboration, inclusivity and talent mobility
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This enables organisations to develop an internal coaching capability, connect their managers, and at the same time equip them with stronger communication and decision-making skills.

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